images from vulture sister song, with Kate elias, pete dybdahl, jacob elias and josina guess.  2022 premiere at artistree community arts center, vt; 2023 touring to AVa Gallery & arts center, nh, & a.p.e. gallery, ma (images by julia barstow):



Moments from my work with Lida Winfield and fabulous collaborators in Lida’s Imaginary, Bates Dance Festival 2019 (performed with Joseph Hall, Laurel Jenkins, Maree ReMalia, Matthew Taylor & Lida Winfield; images by Jonathon Hsu):


Stills from Clear Creek, 2019, a dance film created at the foot of the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming with Kate Elias and Tori Lawrence (images by Tori Lawrence):

3D Western4-2

3D western 6

3D western 8

3D western 9

3D Western1-2

Images from the Czech Republic in 2011, with Lida Winfield, Pauline Jennings and Sean Clute (images by Gorka Bravo and Marek Prochazka):


And a few images from my work with Jane Comfort & Company, with whom I had the honor to perform 2006-2018.  Here is Jane’s Altiplano, 2015, with Leslie Cuyjet, Sean Donovan, Javier Perez, Gabrielle Revlock, Petra van Noort and Darrin Wright.  (Image by Jinyoul Lim)

Altiplano:Jane comfort & company


And with Jessica Anthony, Leslie Cuyjet and Lisa Niedermeyer in Jane’s American Rendition, 2008.  (Image by Arthur Elgort)


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