Here’s the trailer for 3D Western, an immersive documentary dance film exploring the American West and American identity. It is a patchwork quilt of voices, bodies and landscape that, in its complexity, offers a fully dimensional portrait of place and of human experience. I am currently creating 3D Western with Kate Elias and Tori Lawrence, thanks to a residency with the UCross Foundation.
Preview Long Gone, my most recent collaboration with Lida Winfield, with this collection of footage from our premiere at the FlynnSpace in Burlington, VT.
A 10-minute excerpt of original movement, text, and music from my work-in-progress, Prairie, Gas Station.  Performed at Dance New Amsterdam, NYC.

Fresh off the road, Out Here is a rough collection of dances filmed in many states around the country.  Many thanks to Chris Ahern for filming and to Kate Elias for jumping into the work along the way, in Montana!

 Here is a collection of footage from The woods are deep, a new duet with Lida Winfield.  (You can watch the work in full at the bottom of this page)

And here are the men!  This is a work-in-progress showing of Tell the Truth, a quartet I created in collaboration with four new dancers: Chris Ahern, Charlie Bettigole, Alex Fuller & Spencer Taylor.

Here is The woods are deep in full, divided into four parts:


Posted October 18, 2010 by ellensmithahern

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